Women On Top

Published: January 2007
ISBN-10: 0670038237
Publisher: Penguin

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WOMEN ON TOP: Redefining power and the nature of success for the 21st century.


Extract One:
Reaching Boiling Point
"I quit over dinner. I just got to boiling point and I quit. Walked out of the restaurant, went back to my hotel room, called my husband and said I'd quit. I said, "Everyone else has their own business. Why not me?" So we started, in March 1999."... [more]

Extract Two:
Creating Value out of Nothing
Over the last ten years, I've met hundreds of fascinating women business owners, many of which you will meet in this book. They aren't obviously exceptional people some graduated college, some did not, most had no MBAs but they've all had something to prove and they've proved it. They have all been devoted to their people and to their businesses. But one woman stands out particularly because she was an early pioneer who started with so little. (Indeed, it strikes me that there's a piece of inverse logic that say the less you have, the more you do for others.) ... [more]

Extract Three:
Winging It
When I finally get through on the phone, much to my amazement, June Coldren is laughing. "Oh my god, it's ridiculous. It's been insanity. It's pretty wild. We evacuated New Orleans and moved west to Lafayette -- and now it looks like the storm is heading back up to us! They're basically evacuating everyone from Galveston right along the coast to Louisiana. All my staff who were evacuated here left yesterday to help evacuate their families. Another tidal surge and everything will get wet all over again. I'm ready to move to Canada!" [more]