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Margaret will be speaking at the following events...
Please note: Dates are being added to this schedule daily. Please check back for current information.

Hospice UK
Friday 22nd November 2019 |Liverpool, UK
Boston Consulting Group
Wednesday 27th November 2019 |London, UK
NHS - Yorkshire
Thursday 28th November 2019 |Doncaster, UK
Tuesday 10th December 2019 |London, UK
DLD Conference
Saturday 18th January 2020 |Munich, Germany
Wednesday 22nd January 2020 |UK
HRD Conference
Tuesday 4th February 2020 |Birmingham, UK
NHS - Taunton
Thursday 6th February 2020 |Taunton, Somerset, UK
Academi Wales
Friday 7th February 2020 |Wales, UK
The Imagine Conference
Wednesday 12th February 2020 |London, UK
Ministry of Justice Conference
Wednesday 19th February 2020 |London, UK
Future of Work Hub event - hosted by Lewis Silkin LLP
Wednesday 18th March 2020 |London, UK
Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution
Friday 20th March 2020 |London, UK
Scale Up Conference
Tuesday 5th May 2020 |Dallas, USA
Wednesday 3rd June 2020 |London, UK
Mount Washington Conference
Sunday 25th October 2020 |USA

Margaret has recently appeared at these events...

Full Circle Conference
Tuesday 19th November 2019 |Brussels, Belgium
Exponent Private Equity
Thursday 7th November 2019 |London, UK
Simmons Leadership
Wednesday 6th November 2019 |Dublin, Ireland
Tuesday 5th November 2019 |London, UK
Bristol Media
Tuesday 22nd October 2019 |Bristol, Somerset, UK
Why is leadership so difficult
Full Circle Conference
Saturday 19th October 2019 |Brussels, Belgium
Footdown Ltd
Thursday 17th October 2019 |Bristol, Somerset, UK
Peer mentoring
AKO Capital (Foundation)
Tuesday 15th October 2019 |London, UK
Wilful Blindness
BBC Interview - A Point of View 08.45 GMT - BBC Radio 4
Sunday 13th October 2019 |UK
BBC Interview - A Point of View 20.50 GMT - BBC Radio 4
Friday 11th October 2019 |UK
BBC (recording)
Tuesday 8th October 2019 |London, UK
A Point of View
The Walt Disney Company
Tuesday 1st October 2019 |London, UK
Leadership conference
Thursday 26th September 2019 |Reykjavik, Iceland
Wilful Blindness, pecking order plus the human skills we need in an unpredicatable world
Monday 23rd September 2019 |London, UK
Beyond Measure: The big impact of small changes
British Heart Foundation
Wednesday 18th September 2019 |London, UK
The fine art of collaboration
Linkage, Inc.
Monday 16th September 2019 |Palm Springs, USA
Purposeful Leadership
Arup Group
Friday 13th September 2019 |Singapore
Creating the future for Arup
TED Summit
Tuesday 20th August 2019 |Edinburgh, Scotland
Bath University
Sunday 4th August 2019 |Bath
Beyond Measure
Tuesday 16th July 2019 |London, UK
Wales Summer School
Wednesday 26th June 2019 |University of Wales, UK
Pi Capital
Tuesday 25th June 2019 |London, UK
Wilful Blindness
Wednesday 19th June 2019 |Edinburgh, Scotland
Monday 17th June 2019 |Washington, USA
Risky Business Conference
Friday 7th June 2019 |London, UK
Wednesday 5th June 2019 |London, UK
Financial Times Womens Forum
Tuesday 4th June 2019 |London, UK
Bristol Festival of Ideas
Monday 3rd June 2019 |Bristol, Somerset, UK
Inside Out Conference
Friday 31st May 2019 |Chicago, USA
Monday 20th May 2019 |London, UK
King Conference
Thursday 9th May 2019 |Barcelona, Spain
IADB Conference
Tuesday 7th May 2019 |Washington, USA

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A Bigger Prize l Simon & Schuster Ltd, 2014. ISBN 978-1471100758
Willful Blindness l Walker & Company, 2011. ISBN 978-0-8027-1998-0
Women on Top l Penguin, 2008. ISBN 978-0143112808
The Naked Truth l Jossey-Bass, 2004. ISBN 978-0787971434

The text for Margaret's Coleridge lecture MORE THAN A DREAM is available in a limited letterpress edition for £4 + p&p. To order copies, please click here. ISBN No: 978-1-5262-0242-0